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Welcome to Projects

Welcome to my online portfolio. My name is Ben Bradshaw and I'm a website developer. If you have followed a credit link on another website to reach this page then you have seen some of my work already.

I mostly write php-based websites, however I also have Java and C/C++ programming experience. I am comfortable working with Windows and Linux (Debian and Ubuntu).

I currently work for Catalyst IT as a Developer and used to work for State Services Commission as a Technical Consultant on the NZ Government Web Standards. I have a keen interest in accessibility, particularly for blind users.

What have I worked on?

Before I started developing professionally I was a Content Administrator for the Ministry of Economic Development. I was part of the team that handled the transition from their old table based layout to their new CSS layout, which was developed on EpiServer by Intergen.

Following that I took my current job at Catalyst, during which I have worked on a variety of projects including Podclass, which runs a highly customised Moodle installation. I have also worked on multiple Telecom New Zealand websites, offering value added services to mobile phones (WAP) and administrative backends. I have worked on various Drupal websites, Joomla websites and the Mahara e-portfolio project.

In addition to websites I have worked on a variety of related tasks including single sign on and development server support, including environment setup and configuration.


I have a keen interest in Accessibility. My time at MED taught me that accessibility standards exist and that they are useful. I then researched the current NZ Government Web Standards and Recommendations v1.0 as part of my honours study at Victoria University.

After presenting my research to the NZCS I was invited to present my findings to the New Zealand State Services Commission. I now contract to SSC as a Technical Analyst in the Web Standards Team.

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