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About Me

Hi, my name's Ben and I'm a 21 year old geek. I was born in England and moved to New Zealand when I was 13. I currently live in beautiful, windy Wellington.

My interests include technology, music, church and spending time with friends. I like playing with the latest gadgets, I can program almost any VCR, I like to listen to Happy Hardcore radio and I'm a Sound Techie at my church.

I like to take photos and upload them to flickr, I have bebo and Facebook pages, neither of which I check very often. I have a very poorly updated blag.

I was raised a Christian and I made the choice to follow Jesus when I was old enough to choose for myself. I like to share my faith with friends but I don't force it on them.

I graduated from Victoria University of Wellington with a Bachelor of Information Technology (First Class Honours). Before that I attended Hutt International Boys' School.

I think vim is better than emacs, I like Ubuntu but think Debian is the better Operating System. I like php, I think perl looks like line noise. I love Mojo coffee and I drink lots of tea (being English, it's part of my heritage). I support England, then New Zealand, then any team playing Australia (except France).

I am currently learning to DJ, despite the fact that I don't go clubbing. Other than that I want to enjoy life and have fun with the time I've been given.


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