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This website is hosted in the UK, it is a Virtual Private Server, however it has more RAM and bandwidth than I need at this point in time. Because of this I am offering hosting to the public, for a small price.

This hosting is designed for small companies or individuals that would like to host a small or basic website with no ads. The fee charged would help me pay for this VPS, in exchange you will have hosting and support available to you. Because I'm not a large host I don't have all the overheads and the limitations that slow other hosts down.

I am also able to give advice on setting up email and domains, aswell as building and hosting your site. This hosting is best for newcomers to the market and anyone who is interested should contact me.

Please note: I don't host email or domain names on this server, just websites and databases. I use Google Apps for email and Domain Registrars for domain hosting.


I plan to assess this on a case by case basis. I paid $60 US dollars for this server for a year. The less you require in terms of effort on my part and especially the resources of the server; the less I will charge. If you're interested just send me an email and ask. I don't bite, honest.

Technical Stuff

This VPS runs debian etch and is hosted in the UK by cheapVPS. It has 128MB dedicated RAM and up to 4GB burst. It has an Intel Core2 Quad CPU, but that is also shared with other users. It runs apache2 with SSL enabled. It has php, MySQL and PostgreSQL installed aswell as phpMyAdmin. Monitoring is handled by, which checks the server every 30 minutes.


Because I am the only one maintaining the server, and because humans need sleep there will be times when I am unavailiable to fix issues and they will have to wait till I get up. For this reason I am recommending this hosting only be used for non-critical (and probably non-business) tasks, such as a personal website. I can't make any guarantees about uptime or speed or reliability.

You must also make sure you're happy with the cheapVPS Terms of Service. I'm not keen on having my host angry at me

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