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This page contains summaries of the websites I have worked on independently. It does not include websites I have worked on as part of a team.

Information Safe are Data Security and PCI DSS compliance specialists. They were seeking advice on domain name registration, email hosting and website design, development and content authoring.

I offered solutions including registering and setting up multiple domain names, registering an configuring email hosting through Google Apps. Website development in php and a basic website design written in CSS. In addition to this I also converted the necessary content from Word to HTML.

Dj Cotts is an Australian-based DJ who mixes Happy Hardcore, UK Hardcore and Gabber. He has a weekly radio show on, but did not have a website to communicate well with his online audience.

I offered to make Dj Cotts a website using Open Source CMS Drupal. This Drupal installation was customised to make it easy for Cotts to upload content and offer his mixes for download.

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