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Well, it was an early start for me on the 8th of April (the first time, bear with me). Up at 5:30, leaving home shortly after 6 to drive to the airport. I turned up at the airport around 6:45 15 minutes before check in closed, checked in and got breakfast at Mojo. Kiwi got breakfast too. 

Kiwi ordering breakfast

After this we went to the departure gate, where I finally met Kat, another (half American) Kiwi that is also doing the DTS. The school had shared our email addresses so we could chat before DTS, but work + church drained most of my free time, so we didn't get the chance to actually meet before now. 


We flew to Auckland in different rows on the plane - my iPod provided me with Owl City for the ride. After getting to Auckland and (unnecessarily) running to catch our Honolulu flight we were quite fortunate. The cheerleader next to me wanted to trade places with Kat so she was closer to her friends, which meant we had 9 hours to get acquainted before hitting the US.

We got to Honolulu and cleared customs. Kat has a US passport thanks to her Mum. I got the annoying news that my B1 Visa was only good for 3 months, not the 6 I asked for. I started wondering how I was gonna make the outreach. Then we went to this little motel and crashed for the night, it was very hot and difficult to sleep. 

Overnight accommodation

Next morning it was breakfast + coffee (well, what Starbucks passes off as coffee to these poor Americans) at the airport then a lovely short flight to Kona.

Kona flight

We were picked up at the Kona airport and taken to the University, where we got settled in and had lunch. 


After lunch was registration, which took about an hour in a big line. I got my ID, my Work duty (IT) and a key to my room. Thankfully they were happy with my insurance plans, so all went well on that front. 


After that it was time to explore the campus.

In the evening we walked the 20-25 minutes to Wal*Mart to get some essential supplies (shampoo and laundry detergent). Derek from the room next to mine showed us the way.


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