Preparing for Outreach

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Philippines Outreach plan

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Just when I thought we couldn't get any busier we did. I have spent the past 3 weeks trying to balance prep for outreach with school work. This has resulted in very little free time and I'm afraid this blog has suffered.

On a positive note these challenges have been forcing me to grow and adapt. I must say I'm looking forward to outreach, I'm also looking forward to getting off the base!

Prep for outreach has been kinda stressful (and expensive). I've had immunisations for Typhoid, Tetanus, Polio and Hepatitis A and US$450 extracted from my wallet for the pleasure. This was also the same day that I went cold turkey on coffee and spent the evening lying down with a huge headache. I can't recommend this to anyone but I'm on day 6 without coffee and my sleep patterns are improving.

I've bought a nice backpack for the trip. It has good padding, lots of straps for adjusting and the bottom compartment can hold my camera bag so it means I won't have to strap that bag to my front! I've also gone and bought an Apple Macbook Pro 13" and Adobe Lightroom 3. I realise I have spent months arguing against macs for the cost and features, however, since prices are lower here and I got a student discount on the top of it I caved. When I get back to NZ I'll decide if I keep it. I also bought more memory cards and a reflector for tricky light situations.

As for the other stuff on outreach Kayla and I have been given the responsibility of organising who will speak where and what we will speak about. Bethany and I are organising a mini DTS for when we go to the Bible College in Bambang. We land on Thursday night and we have to preach and lead worship on Saturday to a youth group!

As for what we will do we're going to be a bit flexible. We know where we will be and that we will be working with Project Hannah for a month, churches, a bible college and we will be going to see a tribe, but the details haven't been nailed down (and are subject to change anyway). You can look at the map to see where I will be when.

Our leaders are doing a great job organising things and this weekend we are going camping, just our team. I'm hoping I can get to know everyone better and start to grow some good friendships that will last for outreach and afterwards. Our visas will hopefully come back in the next day or two also, right now we're waiting on them.

This probably means I won't have time to blog again until I get to the Philippines, if you could pray for safe, stress free travel I'd really appreciate it :)

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