Saturday 10 July 2010

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Today is our day off! This explains why I didn't pull myself out of bed till 10am and have had a chance to just relax and lounge around a bit. I'm also wearing one of the shirts I brought because all my t-shirts are either dirty or being washed. The local girls here earn extra money by doing laundry and I'm happy to let them do mine.

We have settled in quite nicely - we are in an apartment on the 3rd floor of the center. We have sofas, a dining table, a kitchen area (just a sink really, but you could get a hot plate and cook) and 2 bedrooms, each sleeping 4. We are sharing with 6 guys who are also on their DTS outreach who came from the YWAM Tokyo base - they're all really nice guys and they'll be here for a couple of weeks, then they go back to Tokyo to continue their outreach there.

We have been having meetings about the book and we have a bit of a battle plan now. We have a focus, lists of people we want to interview, things to research and get stats for, how we want to structure the book, things like that. We haven't decided on a name yet, but we have some ideas.

I've also got an idea of where to take this website. I've managed to get Ubuntu running in Virtualbox on this mac, so I have a real development environment to work with, which looks seamless on full screen.

Last night was another first for me, we were asked to give a bible study to the girls here and I ended up being the one to do it. What I didn't know was that I'd have a translator, so everything was getting translated into Tagalo for me. I was very happy with how it went though, I wasn't well prepared (due to lack of time) and I really felt God helping me teach these 10-15 people about parables and trying to get a common understanding of them, especially when language is a barrier and I could only understand what was being said through the translator. Thankfully the parables come with explanations and they had Tagalo bibles and our translator was very good so I feel like we understood each other.

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