Typhoons are cool when you don't want to sleep

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Last night we were going to do bar ministry (the first time for me) however we were instead treated to our first typhoon in the Philippines. We got a lightning and thunder show in the evening, but it died down so we went to McDonalds for desert then came back to the base. I tried getting video and pictures of the lightning but only the video worked. I commented to Sarah Haberly that we were so lucky to be able to sit in the Philippines on a porch, sipping Oolong tea (thank you Lily) watching a free storm light show on the horizon.

All was peaceful when we went to bed, inside and out. First we lost power to the base, which meant all our fans stopped working, same for our lights. My torch was fine for the lights but the power cut meant we had no fans either, but that wasn't too bad, we had a good breeze going from the typhoon. This didn't last forever sadly as the rain picked up and our breeze turned into a shower, time to close the windows and sweat it out.

By this time the typhoon had really picked up and was throwing anything loose outside around, including the outer mosquito door, which bangs heavily, can't be locked and kept waking us up. In the morning I recovered my flip flops and monopod none the worse for wear.

Sadly I also ended my diarrhea-free run on this outreach. I realise this wasn't due to the typhoon, I really don't know what caused it but this is an honest blog and so you get all the details you lucky people you. ;)

I've spent a decent amount of today sleeping to try and catch up because we're going to go out tonight to do ministry if the weather agrees with us and I don't want to be yawning.

Other than that there hasn't been a huge amount exciting to report. We are still working on the book, I'm still working on the website. I feel like we need to storyboard the book and go over the interviews tomorrow and Bethany agrees (the interviews were her idea) so I'm hoping we can just take time to do that.

We did go to a small church on Sunday which was fun. The songs were easy to sing along to - they are mostly Hillsong style with a twist in the timing and some words are a bit different, but 98% is identical. We were asked to share testimonies and Kayla shared hers. The sermon was mostly in English with some Tagalo thrown in (maybe when the pastor thought it was necessary). His sermon was longer than I'm used to but I was braced for a 3 hour epic, which didn't eventuate, so I was thankful. Afterwards I got talking to the drummer from the band. Next Sunday we are going back and we have been asked to do more stuff, so we are preparing a dance, we have 2 testimonies lined up (though I think we will just do one) and Danielle will be sharing a heart piece then leading the church in some prayer.

The team from Tokyo has left to return to Japan for the rest of their outreach. I'll miss them, they're a cool bunch. This means our room with 4 beds has dropped to 2 beds and the other room is empty. 4 of the girls from our DTS are moving into that room now, so we won't be lonely. So far the girls have managed to clog both toilets they've had access to, they have been put on notice that this will not happen here.

Thank you for all your prayers - they are very much appreciated. If you could find time to pray for my sore back (too much time sitting badly on my laptop) and for patience and good health for all our team that would go a long way.

Other little random things: McDonalds has free Wifi here and a small cheeseburger combo costs about US$1.50, which is about NZ$2.10. Don't get ice in your drink, we think that's how 2 of the girls got sick. The local store (when I say local I mean next door to the base) sells 7UP in 1 liter glass bottles for 50 cents (you return the bottle). Hand washing clothes doesn't take too long if you do bits at a time - for bigger loads the girls on the base will happily wash them for you if you pay them. Typhoons make the next day cooler, yay!

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