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Reading Kailyn's Blog has motivated me to start writing again. Forgive me for not writing for a while. I was writing the previous post on the tribes and I must admit I got bored - I found myself focussing on the parts I didn't like rather than the parts I enjoyed and I just stopped writing.

Right now I'm on my bed in Tugeugarao. My side is still a bit sore but it doesn't hurt to laugh anymore and you never realise how much you laugh until it hurts to do so. We've been blessed again with our accommodation and food. Pastor Sampson has a lovely house and his wife is a great cook! Tugeugarao is very warm - 30 degrees celsius isn't surprising. It's more rural than the other cities we've been in and there's lots of beauty in the rice fields that are around. I have lots of pictures but our only Internet is down the road at the house of a member of the Pastors church and the upload rate isn't very fast. I may just have to bring the photos back with me.

We've been spending our time visiting lots of churches and sharing our testimonies, songs, a drama and a dance. I confess however that I've only been giving my testimony, the girls have been the main strength behind the dancing, singing and acting. I have shared a couple of messages in church services, drawing on my DTS and other teaching and compressing it down into 20 or so minutes. There have been times where I've wondered why we're spending our time using our talents to just share our testimonies but at other times we've met some extraordinary people and when they thank us for sharing it does give us a boost.

The Philippines continues to provide the occasional "what the" moment - from 100 or so people on the back of an articulated lorry to a man running through the rain in his underwear carrying wood (we named him Philip), this place still can't be described as boring. We even got to see a cock fighting arena and a practice fight - fighting is legal here and the locals like it. I've also had lots of practice riding passenger on a scooter - we have had some wonderful guys driving us around, particularly Joel and Mark. In the Philippines you can ride without a helmet it seems, it's fun to have the wind whipping through your hair. Speaking of hair, mine has had a bit of a cut. The girls were adamant I should keep the length so just the mullet at the back has gone (much to the disappointment of Bethany).

Looking through my photos reminds me how cute all the kids are that we've seen. They're so full of hope and joy, it's always nice to end a church service and get to spend a bit of time with them. It's a shame they can be so shy - I ask them their name in Tagalog and they'll usually hide their faces or look at me blankly. The older ones are happy to play though.

We've also been doing house to house evangelism, which usually amounts to praying for people and offering encouragement - language barriers make it a bit hard to have a proper theological discussion, which (as you probably know) I would enjoy. We're always guided by a leader in the local church and we're usually only there a short time, but it's nice to be able to encourage others.

We've also been filling the 1 hour slot Pastor Sampson has on a local radio station in a Sunday with teaching, songs and testimonies. We also visited a prison briefly but didn't get permission to meet the inmates. Last week we also visited the mayor of Solana and got permission to share at the local high schools, which we have been doing. The students seem to love us interrupting their class, I can't think why...

In my bible readings I've been diving into the New Testament teachings of Paul, Peter and James. Sarah H convinced me to start underlining passages in my Bible and I must say it makes them a lot easier to find. I say my Bible... it's really Dad's old Bible, but since he let me have it I'm hoping he won't mind.

I'm also going to put in another plug for the book. We have some funds raised but we need more to get it printed. I really hope I can bring some back with me when I return and show everyone what we've been doing. If not you'll have to settle for images on my laptop and it's not the same feeling.

So right now I'm counting the little things I'm thankful for. A roof over our heads, the rain pouring down that's cooling the air, my friends, both near and far, my family and the opportunities that lie before us. We have 2 more weeks here, then we fly to Hawaii.

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